The best CAREGivers

Home Instead:
A team of 65,000
professional CAREGivers
around the globe

Founded in 1994, Home Instead has become the largest senior home care network, and a valuable resource for those with dementia and their families.

To date, there are more than 1000 franchises employing nearly 65,000 professional CAREGivers around the world. These teams are composed of counsellors, attendants and CAREGivers who work to provide the necessary care and support to families in need.

In addition to assisting seniors who have difficulty accomplishing daily tasks on their own, our CAREGivers also provide psychological support to families navigating through often-delicate hardships.

Our teams step in to assist as partners, to allow you to take a breather and continue to enjoy every moment you spend with your loved one.

Specific skills of our CAREGivers

Offering the required care and companionship to seniors or those with Alzheimer's requires essential skills such as patience, the desire to help, and ingenuity.

During our selection process, we ensure that our CAREGivers display the highest standards of quality to adequately meet the needs of your loved ones:

  • Initiative and autonomy: Our CAREGivers are trained to provide personalized assistance and follow-up to seniors who require a presence and support.
  • Flexibility and reactivity: Our teams understand that the needs of your loved ones can change depending on their situation. Our team will react and intervene immediately if you so desire.
  • Attention and reassurance: In addition to providing care and accompaniment, our professional CAREGivers adopt the role of companions and provide a physical presence and reassurance so important to the psychological well-being of your loved one.

Home Instead: A unique selection process

Drawing on our international experience, over the years Home Instead has developed a unique recruitment process that allows us to ensure that our CAREGivers not only have the required skills, but also the human qualities to support you and accompany your loved one.

During staff recruitment, we conduct a personal and professional background check to ensure we hire competent and confident individuals.

Each member of our team - whether counsellor, home helper or caregiver - is urged to update their skills through ongoing training that hones the necessary skills to provide high quality service.

Home Instead and Visavie: A proud partnership

In spite of the assistance and training of our teams, sometimes the setting, physical or psychological situation does not enable your loved one to remain at home any longer.

To meet this delicate situation, Home Instead in partnership with Visavie will help you find a retirement home that offers a safer environment for your loved one. As a senior housing specialist, Visavie has been providing comprehensive and professional services free of charge since 1988.